Sick of graphics filled with CuTe AniMe GiRLz that you've never even heard of? We offer bishounen and couple graphics only. (What's a bishounen?) We specialize in icons/avatars and wallpapers and you will also find layouts, scans, and PNGs around here as well. We're always looking for more artists to become part of the team so check out the join the staff page if you are interested.

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The word "daystar" is a noun that can mean: 1. Morning Star or 2. Sun. I wish I could say I had a deep meaning for picking that word but I just wanted a word that started with the letter "D" and although I wanted "DreamWorld" PegasusRider said "Can you picture Squall (from FF series) saying DreamWorld Design?" So yeah that was the reason for choosing the name. XD

In case you are wondering a "Bishounen" is a Japanese word that means "beautiful youth" and it usually means a guy that is very pretty and sometimes girly looking. If you want more information you should check out the entry in wikipedia for the word, as it has a lot more information. Here at Daystar Design we consider it to mean basically "any male that isn't ugly" this can be a human or a non-human such as Sesshoumaru from the series Inuyasha or Haruka from the series Tactics. We do NOT accept graphics of non good looking males (Jaken from the series Inuyasha would be a prime example of a male that would be rejected). You probably noticed that we do accept couple graphics, so as long as a qualifying male is in it somewhere it is considered acceptable. ^_^

We do NOT accept characters from hentai, yaoi, or yuri series. Sometimes depending on the context an exception will be made such as we have a wallpaper of the anime series Air even though it is based on a hentai game because the anime did not have any major objectionable content in it.

Our goal is to become the number one source for graphics of all the anime and video game bishounen. We can only do this though with your help (so please submit graphics!). We have plenty of bandwidth and space to be sure to come back often and tell your friends about it.


This site was started on June 8th 2003. It was started as something of a joke. It was actually just supposed to be a way for me (MyrrhLynn) to mess around with PHP and give PegasusRider a chance to practice making webpages. After we realized how cool it could become though we decided to open it up to the public.  Originally it was named Hottie Haven, but then after it was about 3 months old we found out there was a porn site that had stolen our name!  Needless to say we changed our name pretty fast.  In the beginning of August 2003 we changed our focus to be more on the graphics and less on the guys (meaning that originally we were going to have guy bios and stuff with only a few wallpapers or avatars but then I decided I didn't want to do all that work so I changed it to be all graphics and no guy bios). ^_^

In Febuary 2005 I took down the button, banners, and spash page sections. There are so many of those on other sites and we really never added to them anyway so I figured they were a waste of space. That way we could also just focus on Avatars, Layouts and wallpapers (which were the more popular parts of the site anyway). Also in December-April 2004 I worked on making Daystar updatable by the staff without them having to use HTML code.

Starting in Summer 2008 I gradually started switching the site to have a backend queue where the graphics would sit until the site automatically updated them. This was accomplished by first uploading the graphics ahead of time and then using phpjobscheduler to update the graphics on a scheduled basis so that this will display to visitors. This allows the new content to be added every day but allows staff to do the work ahead of time. I also started the process of trying to track the most popular series and artist for each section.

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Layout Copyright 2009. Layout Designed by MyrrhLynn. Hiiro no Kakera Copyright Idea Factory. Character designs Copyright Yone Kazuki. Layout inspiration and coding help from the book: The Zen of CSS design by Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag.

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