Sick of graphics filled with CuTe AniMe GiRLz that you've never even heard of? We offer bishounen and couple graphics only. (What's a bishounen?) We specialize in icons/avatars and wallpapers and you will also find layouts, scans, and PNGs around here as well. We're always looking for more artists to become part of the team so check out the join the staff page if you are interested.

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Hello everyone, you can use the contact form below to contact the staff of Daystar Design. If you have a question for a particular submitter/artist you would be better off checking to see if he/she has a website listed on the submitters page and contacting them that way.

If you just want to make a general comment that doesn't require a reply you can consider using the Guestbook instead (it makes us happy when people sign it) or leave a comment on one of the update posts. Please read the FAQ before you use the form to make sure your question isn't answered.


1.) How to I make one of your layouts work on LiveJournal/MySpace/etc.? No clue. Chances are we don't have membership at those places. A good resources would be

2.a.) Can we link exchange as a Graphics site? For graphics site we look for places that have a semi-decent amount of content and nice main layouts. (Yes I know shallow. XD) Fill out the form below and make sure you include your website link and we will get back to you.

2.b.) Can we link exchange as a Bishounen site? For bishounen sites is just has to have lots of info about some male on there. So a character shrine, or series site (that has some guys), or even an image gallery with lots of guy pics would be fine. We don't accept fanlistings unless they also have some content about the topic. Fill out the form below and make sure you include your website link and we will get back to you.

3.)Can you host my site? Sorry but no Daystar had hosting in the past but it was too much of a hassle. does provide hosting space for some sites that MyrrhLynn really likes though. If you want hosting check our affiliate Animeshare for a list of places that offer free hosting though.

4.) Where did you get the picture for *insert name here* graphic? If the source isn't listed then check the list of image sources on the resources page most likely it's on there.

5.) Can I send you a completely random email that doesn't make sense? Oh sure, go ahead. MyrrhLynn will read it, go "... o_o" and then delete it. XD

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If the below form doesn't work you can contact the staff directly at: daystarsubmissions(at)

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